Frida Kahlo (2)

Get inspired by the surrealist artist with statement earrings, elaborate patterns, and maybe even a flower crown…?

One of the most recognizable faces in history (and one of the few famous women looking fabulous with a uni-brow), Frida Kahlo was not only a talented painter but also had a personal sense of style that continues to influence to this day. Check out some of the ways you can channel her look with these items:


Bejeweled Metal Earrings, $19.90,


j. crew jacket

Silk Wrap Blazer in Island Floral, $198.



ASOS Design Statement Color Drench Orchid Headband, $16,



Frida Kahlo Tote Bag by devinepaintings, $20.99 & up,


Image Sources: Nickolas Muray, Throckmorton Fine Art. Nickolas Muray, Weinstein Hammons Gallery. Flowers, Unknown Source. Made with Canva. 




Inspired by the summer’s setting sun (try saying that five times fast), perfectly pink hues are an unexpected new eye shadow trend.

Not only is this a dreamy eye look, but even the social-media-star makeup artist Linda Hallberg and no-introductions-necessary Rihanna have embraced these shades. Think pink with these eye shadow kits to nail this look:


Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Frosé, $22,


Lime Crime Venus XL Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette, $56, 



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo, $36, 

Image Sources: Toumika, Instagram. Cynthia Wrobel, makeup by Violet Zeng, Instagram. Delilah Koch, Marc Jacobs, Instagram. Pink Clouds, Unknown Source. Made with Canva.


THE FIND: Woven Tassel Mule

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Fabu finds at even better prices.

This week on THE FIND, is the super-chic mules. Easily but classy, these babies can not only make running to the grocery store effortless, but also stylish. Find them at select Target stores and online for only $24.99.


Anotoinette Woven Tassel Pointed Mules by A New Day, $24.99,


Giraffe Fine Art Print, by BethWold,  Zebra by Johanet du Plooy. Black Palm Leaves, Unknown Source. Made with Canva.


THE READ: Gio_Graphy by Giovanna Battaglia

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Follow the street-style-famous stylist’s crazy adventures & practical tips she’s learned throughout her career in the fashion industry.

Gio_Graphy is a fast-paced, fun read following the the effervescent Italian fashion editor, Giovanna Battaglia. More a guide-to-a-glamorous-life than bio, such as Giovanna’s “Last Minute Survival Guide” and favorite dishes from various countries, we are still treated to personal stories and learning experiences the savvy stylist has collected throughout her career in the fashion industry. Giovanna’s zest for life is felt through every page, so much so, you’ll want to listen to show-tunes while reading it to match this book’s amazingly-upbeat energy.1675065922552198654-1__IMG_1050_1200--GioGraphyFunintheWildWorldofFashion-1291575974

Gio_Graphy, $39.95,

Image Source:





THE TREND: Blue Willow

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Inspired by chinoiserie such as the popular Blue Willow pattern, this trend is perfect for summer days with its coastal blues and crisp white colors. Chinoiserie is also similar in look to Dutch Delft and Grecian tile patterns, further cementing the longevity of this delicate pattern and color story.



Ankle-Length Jumpsuit, $24.99,


Sam Edelman Navya Sandal, $52.95,


Willow Pattern iPhone 6 Case, $34.70,


Brighton Casablanca Garden Embroidered Card Case, $55,


Churchill Blue Willow Fine China Earthenware Salad Plate, $59.99, 



The Monochromatic Look: A Fail-Safe Way to Stand Out

645569fc-7d3b-4e63-bc24-53c021528a5eAs I mentioned in a previous post (which you can check out here) one of the easiest outfits to make you look like a style guru is through dressing in an outfit all in one color. This strategy can be as bold or subtle as the color you choose to wear, and is effortlessly chic. It can be an unexpected choice, some people stray away from a head-to-toe look in one color for fear of looking like a walking high-lighter. If you’re one of the skeptics, start off with a neutral, such as grey, camel, or the always on-point color black. From here you can work your way up the rainbow, no color is off limits (except nude–eye-catching, yes, but not a good look). Some of my favorite monochromatic looks feature the most surprising colors, like candy-apple red, cotton candy pink, and canary yellow. The drama really comes with amount of a single color, so don’t stop at just your clothing. You can match your shoes, handbag, jewelry, lipstick, everything, in your ensemble.

I will admit there is one obstacle you will most likely face during this endeavor; getting everything to match perfectly. We have all had to change out of an outfit after we take one look in the mirror and discover that our black top and bottom don’t exactly match (I mean really, how many shades of black can there be?!). But I will let you in on a few tips to save your sanity, I’m nice like that. My number one rule, and I cannot stress this enough, is when you are trying to see if two colors match, stand about a foot away from the items. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who practically take out a magnifying glass to two items and try to find the slightest difference between the hues. They always do find a difference, because the chances of two colors matching from two totally separate items of clothing, typically in different fabrics, and  sometimes from different manufacturers even, has to be microscopic. Save yourself the antagonizing. No one is going to be that close to your clothing anyway, except maybe your significant other. So, again, look at the items the same distance as if you were talking to a close friend. Still match? Good, moving on. Next, be sure to look at the items in different lighting. I usually just check indoor lighting and take a look in front of a window for natural lighting. If you work somewhere with florescent lighting, you might want to check by that too. But otherwise, if it passes the natural lighting test, you’re good to go.

The key to this strategy is keeping it simple. Like color-blocking, you want the focus to be on the color, not any crazy design feature. That does not mean you cannot experiment with silhouettes and textures, but it is best to keep these to a minimum. And if you’re really uncomfortable with making a commitment to one color, feel free to have a slight break with a nude or neutral shoe or accessory.

Whether you stick to simplistic and neutral, or go bold with vibrant color, monochromatic outfitting is one of the easiest style sticks in the book to look innately chic. Just don’t let anyone get too close to you with a magnifying glass…