Tastemaker Strategy - Avedon

This biopic gives a glimpse into the iconic photographer’s fabulous career in the fashion industry…and more.

Richard Avedon, whose first marriage and fashion career was the inspiration for the movie Funny Face (that’s right, Fred Astaire impersonates him), not only was a character in his own right, but also an incredible talent in the photography industry. Follow his story (complete with ups and downs) in this biography. At 720 pages, this read will keep you entertained all summer long.

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Image Sources: Book cover, Alessandra Montalto, The New York Times. Audrey Hepburn, publicity image for Funny Face, attributed to Richard Avedon, Paint splatter, Hermine on Walk.



Frida Kahlo (2)

Get inspired by the surrealist artist with statement earrings, elaborate patterns, and maybe even a flower crown…?

One of the most recognizable faces in history (and one of the few famous women looking fabulous with a uni-brow), Frida Kahlo was not only a talented painter but also had a personal sense of style that continues to influence to this day. Check out some of the ways you can channel her look with these items:


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Image Sources: Nickolas Muray, Throckmorton Fine Art. Nickolas Muray, Weinstein Hammons Gallery. Flowers, Unknown Source. Made with Canva. 


THE READ: Gio_Graphy by Giovanna Battaglia

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Follow the street-style-famous stylist’s crazy adventures & practical tips she’s learned throughout her career in the fashion industry.

Gio_Graphy is a fast-paced, fun read following the the effervescent Italian fashion editor, Giovanna Battaglia. More a guide-to-a-glamorous-life than bio, such as Giovanna’s “Last Minute Survival Guide” and favorite dishes from various countries, we are still treated to personal stories and learning experiences the savvy stylist has collected throughout her career in the fashion industry. Giovanna’s zest for life is felt through every page, so much so, you’ll want to listen to show-tunes while reading it to match this book’s amazingly-upbeat energy.1675065922552198654-1__IMG_1050_1200--GioGraphyFunintheWildWorldofFashion-1291575974

Gio_Graphy, $39.95,

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