THE READ: Gio_Graphy by Giovanna Battaglia

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Follow the street-style-famous stylist’s crazy adventures & practical tips she’s learned throughout her career in the fashion industry.

Gio_Graphy is a fast-paced, fun read following the the effervescent Italian fashion editor, Giovanna Battaglia. More a guide-to-a-glamorous-life than bio, such as Giovanna’s “Last Minute Survival Guide” and favorite dishes from various countries, we are still treated to personal stories and learning experiences the savvy stylist has collected throughout her career in the fashion industry. Giovanna’s zest for life is felt through every page, so much so, you’ll want to listen to show-tunes while reading it to match this book’s amazingly-upbeat energy.1675065922552198654-1__IMG_1050_1200--GioGraphyFunintheWildWorldofFashion-1291575974

Gio_Graphy, $39.95,

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